Eva Voldřichová Beránková (b. 1975) studied French philology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University (Prague), and Slavonic literatures at the Université Paris IV-Sorbonne as part of a joint doctorate. Since 2013 she has been an associate professor in the Institute of Romance Studies at the Faculty of Arts and head of its French department. She specialises in French literature from the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, literary theory, the history of film, and the Francophone Quebec novel. She has published two monographs (The Hidden Dostoevskian Face of Albert Camus, 2002; Let us make man in our image”: Pygmalion, Golem and the automaton as three versions of the myth of artificial creation, 2012), four collective monographs, many chapters of books and articles in Czech and international scientific journals. His most recent research focuses on the reception in France of Hegel’s Aesthetics.