• College of Central European Studies

    The College integrates teachers and researchers working on Central Europe in the different universities and disciplinary fields, and who will coordinate courses or, in the longer term, diplomas in the field of Central European Studies. The aim is to create a network of lectures, that will transform progressively into a common European diploma, with various specialisations, acredited by University of Warsaw, Charles University in Prague, Sorbone University, Heidelberg University, and from another 4U+ universities in the future.

    Steering Committee

    dr Nicolas Maslowski (University of Warsaw)
    Prof. Paweł Rodak (University of Warsaw)

    Prof. Małgorzata Smorąg-Goldberg (Sorbonne University)
    dr Marie-Françoise Saudraix (Sorbonne University)

    Prof. Jiří Šubrt (Charles University)
    Prof. Jiří Vykoukal (Charles University)
    Prof. Richard Biegel (Charles University)

    Prof. Jadranka Gvozdanović (University of Heidelberg)

    Prof. Marina Brambilla (University of Milan)
    Prof. Paola Mattei (University of Milan)
    dr Valentina Crestani (University of Milan)


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