Kateřina Králová is an Associate Professor in Contemporary History and Head of the Department of Russian and Eastern European Studies. In her work, as a historian, she focuses on reconciliation with the Nazi past, the Holocaust, the Greek Civil War, conflict-related migration, and post-war reconstruction. By giving a voice to war survivors and their eyewitness accounts, she empowers and flourishes the memory of the “invisible” non-elites. K. Králová, an alumna of Phillips University Marburg, has received notableinternational fellowships, including the Alexander von Humboldt, Vienna Wiesenthal Institute, USHMM Fellowship and a Fulbright Fellowship at Yale University, thus conducting a substantial part of her research abroad. On top of that, she obtained for her research achievements the Learned Society Award for scientists under 40 in 2017. She is one of the founders of the CUNI Herzl Center of Israel Studies, the 4EU+ Alliance Winter School “Memory in Conflict,” the CENTRAL project “Institutionalization of Memory in Post-Conflict Societies” and others. She authored the book Das Vermächtnis der Besatzung: Deutsch-griechische Beziehungen set 1940 (Böhlau, 2016; BpB 2017), numerous article and volumes in Czech, English, German and Greek. Currently, she is finalizing her second book on trajectories of Holocaust survivors of Greece.