Annette Becker is a Professor of Contemporary History at Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense and a senior member of the Institut Universitaire de France. She has written extensively on the Two World Wars and the extreme violence they nurture, with an emphasis on military occupations and the two genocides, against the Armenians and the Holocaust. She has devoted research to humanitarian politics, trauma and memories, particularly among intellectuals and artists.

Dr. Becker has been a visiting scholar at numerous universities, including Princeton and the Institute for Advanced Studies, Yale, Berkeley, Rutgers and most recently at the University of Brisbane and Monash University in Australia. Her recent publications and articles include; Books: Biographie de guerre de Guillaume Apollinaire 1914-1918-2009, Tallandier, 2009. (Prix de la biographie littéraire de l’Académie française, 2010. Prix Honneur et Patrie, 2010); Les cicatrices rouges, 14-18, France et Belgique occupées, Fayard, 2010; Montrer les violences extrêmes, (théoriser, créer, muséographier) (Dir. en collaboration avec Octave Debary) Editions Creafis, 2012; Miklos Bokor (Dir. en collaboration avec Anne Bernou), INHA, Paris-Ouest/Nanterre, 2012. The French edition of The Cambridge History of the Great War in 3 volumes, (General Editor, Jay Winter), (To be published in 2014, Fayard).

In 2020 she inaugared “Memory in Conflict” Winter School with a lecture “Comparing Genocides: Social Sciences and Memory.”