Anna Dżabagina, Dr., is a graduate of the Institute of Polish Literature, University of Warsaw. Currently, she is a research assistant at the Centre for French Culture and Francophone Studies (UW). She has recently defended a thesis entitled “Polish-German works and reception of Eleonore Kalkowska (1883-1937)” (written as a part of a “Diamond Grant” project, under the supervision of prof. Lena Magnone), soon to be published by słowo/obraz terytoria publishing house. She is collaborating with the Women’s Archive research group and the “Polish Drama/Reactivation” project (IBL PAN). Since 2020 she is also a member of the Centre for LGBT+ History and Identities and Polish Gender Association.

Her current research is focused on sapphic modernism in Central and Eastern European women’s writings. In European Pluralities, she is an Executive Coordinator and a member of the College of Central European Studies.