• CfA Interdisciplinary Online Ph.D. Conference to be held 11-13 April 2022
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        • 10-03-2022
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    Call for applications

    Interdisciplinary Online Ph.D. Conference

    Social Logics Of Culture In Contemporary Central Europe (from the 19th to the 21st Century).

    Between Conflicts And Innovations
    to be held on 11-13 April 2022


    We kindly invite applications from current doctoral candidates in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences whose research covers the broad topic of Central Europe and deals with questions such as cultural institutions; literature; cultural constructs in language; politics of culture; war experience; life writing; life stories and shared experience; relation to local, national, and/or religious identity; and the time of massification period.

    The “College of Central European Studies” within 4EU+ alliance seeks to constitute a high level European scientific community in Central European Studies.

    The aim of our Ph.D. seminar/conference is to show compelling and innovative research, giving young scientists the possibility to present their work at the international forum.

    Applicants are invited to submit their proposals in English, consisting of:

    ➤ an abstract (up to 200 words);

    ➤ informations of the candidate (a Ph.D. dissertation title, an academic discipline/field of study, and the university of origin).

    Deadline for submission is Thursday, 10 March, 2022.


    Proposals should be addressed to the seminar coordinators, dr Marie-Françoise Saudraix (Sorbonne University) and dr Aleksandra Wiktorowska (University of Warsaw) and sent to: ak.wiktorowska@uw.edu.pl.

    Participants will be expected to have a short paper (of approximately 3000 words) ready for pre- circulation two weeks prior to the seminar, no later than Friday, 18 March, 2022.